Statement Date/Time: 04/14/2024 12:40:45 AM

Capacity Release - Offer

TSP Name: Perryville Gas Storage LLC
TSP: 054754797

General Information
Posting Date / Time: 02/06/2017 11:26 AM
Offer Number: 2017.02.06.112646
Releaser Contract Number: CEGT-F-01-13
Releaser Name: Enable Gas Transmission LLC
Releaser: 782488415
Return Addressee Name: Enable Gas Transmission LLC
Return Addressee: 782488415
Previously Released Indicator: Yes
Release Type Description: Temporary Point to Point Prearranged
Replacement Shipper Role Indicator: OTHER
Storage Inventory-Conditioned Release Indicator: No
Releaser Requested Posting Date: 02/07/2017
Releaser Requested Posting Time: 09:00
Capacity Award Date: 02/13/2017
Capacity Award Time: 11:00
Status: Change

Release Term
Release Term Start Date: 04/01/2017   Release Term End Date: 03/31/2018
Permanent Release Indicator: No

Biddable Deal Indicator
Biddable Deal Indicator Description: Yes
Bid Evaluation Method Indicator Description: Highest Rate
Bid Evaluation Method:
(If Other is Selected Above)
Bid Tie-breaking Method: Storage Facility's Tariff Reference
Bid Tie-breaking Description:
(Tariff is default)
Bid Period Start Date:
format mm/dd/yyyy
02/07/2017   Bid Period Start Time:
format hh:mm (24 hr)
Bid Period End Date:
format mm/dd/yyyy
02/13/2017   Bid Period End Time:
format hh:mm (24 hr)
Shorter Term Indicator Description: N
Releasing Shipper Lesser Quantity Indicator: N
Rel SR Contng: No

Prearranged Deal Information
Prearranged Deal Indicator: Yes
Bidder Name: undisclosed
Bidder: undisclosed
Bid Quantity Contract: 1500000
Affiliate Indicator: None
Prearranged Deal Match Date:
format mm/dd/yyyy
02/13/2017 Prearranged Deal Match Time:
format hh:mm (24 hr)

Rerelease, Recall and Stand Alone Offer Information
Allowable Re-release Indicator: N
Recall/Reput Indicator Description: Capacity Not Recallable
Stand-alone Offer Indicator Description: Yes

Offer Quantity and Location Information
Location/Quantity Type Indicator Description: Storage Qty
Right to Amend Primary Points Indicator Description: No
Replacement Shipper responsible for all incremental
demand charges for alternate point use:
Min Offer Qty - K: 1,500,000      Max Offer Qty - K: 1,500,000
Measurement Basis Description: Million Btu's

MDIQ Ratchets and Quantities
Location Name Location Loc Purp From Qty To Qty MDQ Primary Qty Secondary Qty IT Qty
Gulf Run 822033 IJ 0 1,500,000 45,600 45,600 0 0

MDWQ Ratchets and Quantities
Location Name Location Loc Purp From Qty To Qty MDQ Primary Qty Secondary Qty IT Qty
Gulf Run 822033 WR 0 1,500,000 124,800 124,800 0 0

Offer Rate Information
Rate Form/Type Code Description: Reservation Charge Only
Rate Identification Code: Res
Rate Bid: 0.045
Rate Schedule: FSS
Credit Covered by: Replacement Shipper
Minimum Rate Disclosure Indicator Description: Undisclosed
Discount Indicator - non Reservation: No
Discount Indicator:
Surcharge Indicator Description:
Market Based Rate Indicator: Yes
Reservation Rate Basis Description: Per Month

Rate Definition
IBR Ind: No
Releaser Designation of Acceptable Bidding Basis Description: - Non-Index-Based Release - Absolute Dollars and Cents per Unit Basis
Maximum Tariff Rate:
0 Minimum Acceptable Rate:

Special Terms and Miscellaneous Notes

Contact Information
Releaser Contact Name: Annette Anderson Releaser Contact Email Address:
Releaser Contact Phone Number: 346-701-2156 Releaser Contact Fax Number: