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NGI Overview
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About Inventories and Fuel
System Requirements

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 Submit a nomination?
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 View or change an existing nomination?
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 Why won't my screen update after I enter information?
 Why is the system slow?

NGI Overview

NGI helps you enter nominations, change nominations, view scheduled quantities, check inventory levels and other storage transactions.

NGI is Internet-based, meaning that it is not "loaded" onto you computer. To access the program, all you need is a standard Internet browser, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer (see "System Requirements" for a list of the correct versions of these browsers).

And since NGI is Internet-based, it can be accessed from any computer with an Internet connection. You can access NGI from your computer at work, from your laptop, from your mobile device, or your computer at home.

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About Nominations

Nominations on NGI are entered using a "Pathed" model, in other words, by specifying a Storage Contract, a Transaction Type, Beginning and Ending Dates/Times, Injection/Receipt information (quantity, upstream shippers, etc.) or Withdrawal/Delivery information (quantity, downstream shipper, etc.).

Once a nomination is entered, it is available for viewing and editing in NGI any time prior to flow.

For multi-day nominations (say, for example, a nomination for an entire month), NGI takes the nomination information and breaks it into daily "buckets". Each day of the nomination can then be edited without effecting the rest of the month's nominations.

For example, prior to flow, a Storage Customer enters a nomination for 10,000 Dth per day beginning on Day 1 at 9:00am and continuing through Day 20 at 9:00am. NGI takes that information and creates 19 daily buckets. If the Shipper then decides on the 7th to change the flow on the 9th to 11,000 Dth, the Storage Customer edits the nomination for Day 9, changing the volume to 11,000. The volumes on the 8th and the 10th remain at the original rate of 10,000.

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About Inventories and Fuel

Storage inventories are based on daily Scheduled Quantities and the contract fuel percentage. Specifically, NGI updates Customer inventories each night, using that day's scheduled quantities to update each contract inventory as follows:

New Customer Inventory = Previous Customer Inventory + Scheduled Quantity - Fuel Quantity.

Fuel is applied by NGI in the following manner:

  • For injections, the Injection Fuel Rate provided for a given contract is applied to the scheduled quantity to produce the Fuel Quantity. The Fuel Quantity is subtracted from the scheduled quantity and the result is added to the contract inventory.
  • For withdrawals, the Withdrawal Fuel Rate provided for a given contract is applied to the scheduled quantity to produce the Fuel Quantity. The Fuel Quantity and the scheduled quantity are then subtracted from the contract inventory.
In other words, injections are net fuel, but withdrawals are kept whole.

NGI uses the following sign conventions:

  • Positive numbers represent injections, or flows coming into the storage facility.
  • '-' or negative numbers represent withdrawals, or flows leaving the storage facility.

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System Requirements

NGI requires the minimum PC configuration noted below. If you are not sure of the configuration of your computer, see your system administrator.

Processor 1 GHz
Memory 1 GB
Display 1024 x 768, 16K colors
Internet Connection: Broadband
Browser Google Chrome OR
Mozilla Firefox OR
Microsoft Internet Explorer
Browser support Frames, Cookies, 128-bit SSL

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How do I submit a nomination?

To submit a nomination, click on the text on the left hand side of the screen that reads "Submit Nominations". Select the Contract and Transaction Type desired and click "Continue". A screen with the appropriate fields for your nomination information will appear.

You can use the "TAB" key or your mouse to move from field to field to input information.

To submit your nomination click "Submit Nomination". NGI will prompt you if you have forgotten some required information or have improperly entered any information.

Clicking "Reset" will clear all information without submitting the nomination.

Clicking "Cancel" will return you to the main screen with no nomination being submitted.

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How do I submit an intraday nomination?

Intraday nominations are submitted just like timely nominations (see "How do I submit a nomination?"). NGI will automatically note your nomination as an intraday nomination.

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How do I view or change an existing nomination?

To view or change a previously submitted nomination, click on the text on the left hand side of the screen that reads "Nomination". Select the date you wish to view. A list of all nominations for the selected date will be displayed.

To edit or view further nomination detail, click on the highlighted Nomination Number in the left column. If your nomination is for today or later, a nomination edit screen will appear. Change those nomination elements you wish to change and click "Submit Changes".

If your nomination is for a date prior than the current day, it is not editable, but a detail view screen will appear.

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How do I check scheduled quantities?

To view scheduled quantities provided by the pipeline for previously entered nominations, click on the text on the left hand side of the screen that reads "Scheduled Quantity" or "Scheduled Quantity - Point". Select the date you wish to view. A list of all scheduled nominations for the selected date will be displayed.

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How do view inventory quantities?

Customer inventory levels and transactions can be accessed by clicking on the "Inventory" link under the Flowing Gas heading. Enter the desired storage contract and date range and click "Create Report".

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How do I add a contract?

If your contract is not listed in the drop-down box in the nomination submission screen, please contact your Storage Operator. Contracts cannot be added by Storage Customers.

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Why won't my screen update after I enter information?

You are probably experiencing an Internet problem known as "caching." A cache is a locally stored piece of Internet data. Once you fetch data from an Internet server (like NGI), your computer (or your company's Internet gateway computer) stores the data so that it is quickly available next time you request it.

The problem with this "time saving" feature is that you don't always receive the newest data from the NGI server - you get the locally "cached" version.

To solve this problem, try the following:

  1. Use the "Reload" button on your browser to retrieve non-cached data.
  2. "Log-out" or close your browser between NGI sessions.
  3. Ask your system administrator about the caching policies in your company. They may be able to increase the cache "refresh" interval or minimize caching effects.

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Why is the system slow?

The response time provided by NGI depends on numerous factors. NGI is designed with minimal download time in mind, but because it is Internet-based, many communications systems are involved in bringing NGI to your computer.

To help solve this problem, examine:

  1. Your Internet connection - NGI requires at least a broadband connection for satisfactory response. Slower connections, as typically found in hotels or through retail Internet service providers, may produce longer waiting times.
  2. Your computer - Running multiple applications at the same time will slow any computer. Try reducing the number of applications active while using NGI. Also, make sure your computer meets the minimum requirements for NGI (see "System Requirements").

If the problem persists, contact your Storage Operator.

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